Recover – The Benefits

Single Polymer

ReCover is produced from 2 layers of polyester (PET). The base layer is designed to form a weld seal to a PET tray.

The result is complete construction produced from a single polymer – ideal for recycling.

Reduce Plastic Use

ReCover will remove the need for push-fit lids. PET is a robust material and the 2 layer construction of ReCover will replace the lid.

In many cases, pots that are fitted with lids also have a lidding film applied. With using ReCover, the production process is simplified, number of components are reduced with the benefits on logistics, storage, ordering, etc.

Removing the need for lids has a further benefit of improving productivity as lids are a root cause of many line stoppages.

Recycled Lidding Film

Not only is ReCover produced from a single material, it is permanently attached to the tray.

ReCover is recognised by OPRL and others as being suitable for kerbside collection.

Reducing waste to landfil

The main route for disposing of lidding film is for it to be removed from the tray and included with general waste, often being sent to landfill.

No more!

With ReCover, the lidding film remains attached to the tray and is suitable for kerbside collection for recycling.

Improve consumer convenience

Easy to open, no need for scissors, knives, or teeth to open packs.

ReCover will utilise existing peel tabs to smoothly open the tray to reveal a full pack opening.

When opened, the lidding film is designed to stay open to further support ease of use.

A reliable reclosing function will also remove the need to decant the food into kitchen foil,
plastic bags or Tupperware

Cost neutral – or better!

When compared with existing reclose solutions, ReCover has been shown to be cost neutral. In fact, when compared with some technologies, ReCover will actually offer cost savings while improving the pack functionality.